A whole school approach to #Mindfulness

A whole school approach to Mindfulness
The Mindful Garden Programme
by Terri Allen & Jacqui Gray

The Mindful Garden is a mindfulness programme, tailored especially for primary schools.

Mindfulness helps children to be in the moment by maintaining a moment-by-moment awareness of their thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and surrounding environment.  This is something that they naturally do when they are very little but a skill that tends to get lost, as they grow older. Mindfulness is proving to be very beneficial for concentration and self-awareness.

It can also help to:

  • Increase a child’s attention as they become more grounded in the moment
  • Increase social emotional awareness
  • Help with anxiety issues
  • Leave the children feeling calmer

The Mindful Garden uses techniques that have been validated with studies which have linked mindfulness to better focus, relaxation and wellbeing as well as boosted memory. These techniques include breathing, visualizing, positive affirmations and relaxation. The program is suitable for an early morning refresher, PSHE, Circle Time or Literacy hour. It can also serve teachers and students to end their day with a mindful moment.

The Mindful Garden Programme includes:

  • Nine detailed Illustrations for mindfulness reinforcement.
  • Six guided visualizations
  • Descriptions of the visualizations along with their areas of benefit
  • Scripts and Tips for teachers for better lesson planning
  • Selected soothing music to create the right environment
  • My Magical Garden Book + Meditation CD

The Mindful Garden Programme contains 9 beautifully illustrated pages and on each page there are a selection of choices. The children choose one thing from the illustrated page and their selected choice becomes the focus of their attention during the mindfulness session.

Included is a script to go with each illustrated page enabling the teacher to guide the children through the mindfulness session. It also includes some questions that can be directed towards the children at the end of the session for feedback on their experience.

The Mindful Garden
£50 + VAT
Ref: 503-50316-49

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A PSHE Quality Assured Resource to Tackle Teenage Issues

A Hard Hitting Film Resource to Approach Tough Teenage Issues
“The whole resource is best considered as a powerful catalyst for learning that sets important issues in a real life context and provides a series of strong starting points for subsequent learning. This resource doesn’t attempt to show false ‘happy endings’ or offer simplistic messages, instead leaving it open for pupils to explore their own feelings and construct their own strategies.” – Nick Boddington, PSHE Association’s Subject Lead

A PSHE Association Quality Assured Resource, Really? is built around a powerful piece of drama which explores key PSHE education topics and themes.

The resource pack tackles:

  • Teenage Pregnancy
  • Drugs
  • Bullying
  • Self-Harm
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Emotional Neglect
  • Healthy Lifestyles

The film brings together a number of characters, each with their own issues and personal stories that gradually emerge during the course of the time they spend together. The content and style is probably best suited for years 10 and 11 although this could be adapted for a number of age ranges.

Ref: 504-50297-46 £99 + VAT

Unlike the ‘usual’ PSHE style information videos, Really? will keep young people engaged and is guaranteed to drive rich discussion on a number of key subjects. The film is accompanied by a resource pack put together by Wellbeing and Education Specialists, designed to fully support the presentation of the film.


  • Film DVD and Character Extras
  • A-Z Signposting Pack
  • Lesson Plans
  • Teaching Guide
  • Character Profiles
  • Film Poster

“The film is excellent and relevant to the students and was easily used with a range of other activities to explore the issues in more depth.”
– Michelle Johnston, Aylesford School Sports College

To see the trailer click here.

Ref: 504-50297-46
£99 + VAT

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How to improve SPaG Test Results

Spelling Tutor is a personalised, structured program which teaches around 90% of the words we use every day – the first 1,000 high frequency words, and all the words in the 2014 Spelling Curriculum.

Click here to begin your free trial now.

The program is designed to be used on any mac, computer, iPad or tablet by children for 10 minutes daily (they also need a mini whiteboard/ scrap paper to write on).

Spelling Tutor is the only intervention to use spaced repetition to commit the word to long term memory and recognises the importance of linking spelling to handwriting. It places words in sentences to aid vocabulary understanding and reinforces spelling rules and patterns, explaining them to the pupil. The program is flexible, allowing the teacher to add words if required.

“I have been using Spelling Tutor for a term with seven year 5 children, who had very poor spelling. They
program takes 10 minutes a day, and the spellings were personalised for each pupil. After playing
Spelling Tutor very school day for a term the average spelling age increase was 16 months! But also their confidence in their daily written work grew, which was lovely to see.”

– Tanya Costa, Y5 teacher, Whitehall Junior School

How it works:

  • A personal list of words is created from the pupil’s mistakes.
  • These words are tested again and again, with larger and larger gaps between each test, which transfers the spelling from short term to long term memory
  • This innovative program asks pupils to write sentences and words from dictation, because writing is the best way to learn spelling.
  • The pupil then marks their own work, which further reinforces the correct spelling and encourages them to take ownership for their own learning.

Research shows spaced repetition works because children more easily remember things when they are studied a few times spaced over a long time span rather than repeatedly studied in a short space of time. This is why learning words for an end of week spelling test often doesn’t nimprove spelling. The words are soon forgotten. Whereas with spaced repetition the words are transferred from short term to long term memory.

Spelling Tutor is different because you only practise the words you get wrong. The more you get them wrong, the more often they are shown to you. With Spelling Tutor you never need to tell the program you have finished learning these words and want the next list. It uses the spaced repetition algorithm to determine when to test a word. Then every day it adds a few new words to the list you are learning.

The pricing differs depending on how many pupils you want to cater to:

Before you purchase the licences you will have the chance to conduct a 2 week free trial to see if the program is right for you and your school.

Ref: 505-50305-47
Schools & educational establishments can

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A Storytime Resource to Approach the Sensitive Subject of Worries with Young Children

Winston the Worried Whale is a fun and captivating storytime resource that will help teachers approach the sensitive subject of worries with young children.

In this imaginatively illustrated picture book, loveable character Winston takes children on a journey through his own worries, in turn helping them to think about how they can ease their own. While the additional resources – printable from a FREE CD Rom – offer numerous opportunities to stimulate valuable discussion on worries.

“Winston the Worried Whale is a lovely story with a serious message: Everyone has worries and it can be very hard to put these feelings into words. I thought the story illustrated this problem very well, providing a solution. I can see this book would be popular with children visiting libraries but expecially for us to include in the curricular topic boxes we put together for schools. Emotional literacy is in much demand now and we are always looking for stories and other resources to support this.” Susan McKay, Early Years Librarian, Aberdeenshire Libraries

Children will feel an instant connection to Winston’s friendly nature, especially when he shares his secret with them… that even though blue whales are the largest animal ever to have lived on earth, even though Winston is bigger than all the other sea creatures and they all think he is brave and not scared of anything, he does feel worried about a few things:

  • Winston worries about being able to swim fast like the rest of his family
  • He feels afraid of diving down into the deep dark ocean
  • … but mostly he worries about making friends.

Children may not have exactly the same worries as a big blue whale, but they will be able to relate to feeling nervous or afraid, and I’m sure many will know how scary it can be to make new friends.

The storybook covers:

  • How it feels to have a worry
  • When to seek help from others
  • The importance of friendship
  • Recognising how we might lessen worries

FREE CD Rom includes:

  • Selection of colouring sheets for young children highlighting thought-provoking questions about worries
  • Ideas for group activities with older children to encourage acknowledgement and support for worries within their peer group

“A great story for any little worriers in your Key Stage 1 class.” Laura Farnworth, Waterhall Primary School

Further Information:
pre-school to 8
Size: 25cm x 18cm / 24 pages
ISBN: 978-1-909380-85-1

Ref: 386-50143-45


Journey through the seasons to calm and relax

Calming music and images to enhance feelings of emotional & physical well-being

Relaxation through Sound and Vision DVD

Price: £29.95 + VAT Ref: 386-50290-44


A unique and outstanding collection of beautiful music and stunning images to delight the senses and provide a calm and tranquil environment. The DVD takes the viewer on a journey through the seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.Whether in a learning, nurturing or caring establishment this extensive collection of especially composed music and original accompanying photographic artworks, all created by John Evans, will provide important moments of calm, serenity and reflection – all of which are important contributors to an overall sense of well-being.

This versatile resource is suitable for:
Learning environments
Thinking time/meditation
Stress management programmes

A ‘must-have’ for schools, groups and all organisations where introducing moments of calm and serenity into a busy day will enhance emotional & physical well being.

Click here for a preview.

Relaxation through Sound and Vision DVD
Price: £29.95 Ref: 386-50290-44


Discover how to manage low-level disruption more effectively

Are you frustrated by low-level disruption in your classrooms? Have you experienced the detrimental effects it can have on teaching and learning? Perhaps these pupil behaviours (and more) may be ones you have to deal with, day in, day out:

  • Answering back
  • Constant attention-seeking behaviour
  • Being off task
  • Fidgeting
  • Bothering other learners
  • Out of seat
  • Lack of equipment
  • Arguing
If so, and you’re looking for effective ideas for tackling them, this practical pack shows you how …
How to End Covers:Layout 1 How to End Low-Level Disruption CD-ROM
This invaluable CD-Rom gets to the heart of addressing all these
behaviours and more. Straightforward to use, it deals with the
low-level student behaviour issues that give most cause for concern to
teachers in the classroom..

What’s included?
It’s packed with gives effective and practical advice to enable
teachers to teach and students to engage actively in the learning process.

  • A user-friendly PowerPoint presentation
  • A comprehensive trainer’s pack so you can do your own ‘in-house’ training
  • Two handy checklists to help you take action
  • 21 supertips on key issues

Read more about it here.

Created by Dave Stott – a leading UK trainer, consultant and author in pupil behaviour management. Formerly a head teacher and Head of Special Provision for Children with Emotional and Behavioural Difficulty, and latterly Head of Behaviour Support Services, Northamptonshire, Dave now specialises in training in emotional literacy, anger management, behaviour, inclusion and reintegration work across all phases, in both mainstream and special education.

Price: £55.00 Ref: 386-50028

This product is also available in a set with the following 2 resources:
How To End Exclusions_v4:Layout 1 How to End Covers:Layout 1
£55.00 Ref: 386-50002
£55.00 Ref: 386-50029
This CD Rom is a comprehensive resource that will help you to build a culture of positive inclusion in your school and significantly reduce the use of exclusion strategies to manage challenging and disruptive behaviour. How to End Exclusions promotes a proactive approach to the key areas of student disaffection through Prevention, Provision and Re-engagement. This very practical resource was developed following requests from primary, secondary and special schools on how to better the lunchtime experience for both staff and pupils. Staff were concerned about chaotic dining rooms,
problem behaviour on the playground, poorly trained and de-motivated lunchtime staff as well as teaching staff having to deal with problems which begin during the lunch break and spill over into afternoon lesson time.

How To End Disruptions, Exclusions & Lunchtime Troubles CD Rom Set Of 3
Price: £55.00 Ref: 386-50253


Education, health social services & other public sector establishments can

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Empower Pupils to Release their True Potential

SUMO 4 Schools
By internationally acclaimed author & trainer Paul McGee

SUMO 4 Schools (11-18)Ref: 441-10702-38

£395.00 + VAT

This innovative programme is designed to help students develop skills for life: dealing with change, building better relationships, developing a resilient attitude to life, maintaining morale and coping with stressful situations.

SUMO – The Principles

The SUMO 4 Schools programme is based around several principles. Each principle is introduced and developed through series of lesson resources and is supported by a range of SUMO material. The lessons progress through each principle allowing for Assessment For Learning and personalised learning to take place. The principles are explored using interactive and creative lessons that are powerful and practical, memorable and meaningful.

  • Increase pupils level of responsibility
  • Develop social skills
  • Manage their anger
  • Increase in confidence in learning
  • Improve thinking skills
  • Manage stress
  • Increase in aspirations

The pack includes:

  • Programme Overview
  • PSHE cross referenced
  • Key Concepts for wellbeing
  • Lesson material for each principle
  • Assessment for learning / success criteria
  • DVD / PowerPoint / CD Rom support material
  • Social responsibility projects
To download a sample of the programme content click here
Healthy Schools“Without a doubt, the “i” generation is growing up in a very different world. The challenges of a fast changing and uncertain future create unique pressures for our children and young people. Their need to be equipped to cope with all that life may bring is crucial. SUMO4Schools is an interactive resource that teaches children the coping strategies they
need, in a fun and practical way. If Emotional Health and Well Being is a priority you have chosen to develop further on your Healthy Schools Enhancement Journey, then this resource will stimulate reflection and creativity. Above all, children enjoy SUMO and learn to put the principles into action.

– Ruth Boulton, Healthy Schools Development Consultant for Cheshire West and ChesterSome schools where SUMO has been successful:

  • Ashford Christ Church, Kent
  • Birchwood High School, Warrington
  • Blacon High School, Warrington
  • Cherwell School, Oxford
  • Cleeve School, Gloucestershire
  • Crowns Hill Community College, Leicester
  • Fulston Manor High School, Kent
  • Greys Education Centre, Bedfordshire
  • Loreto Grammar School for Girls, Altrincham
  • Norden High School and Sports College, Blackburn
  • Our Lady & St Chad’s, Kent
  • South Wolverhampton and Bilston Academy, Wolverhampton
  • St Katherine’s, Bristol
  • Standish Community High School, Wigan
  • Tewkesbury School, Gloucestershire
  • The Bradbourne School, Kent
  • The Bushey Academy, Watford
  • The Radclyffe School, Oldham
  • Thomas Clarkson Community College, Kent
  • Wycliffe College, Gloucestershire
What Pupils Say:
“The work we completed will help massively when managing any stress that I need to overcome during an exam!
– Year 11
pupil, Churchdown School Academy
is a good sport. Dreams can come true. The important thing is to focus on them and have a positive attitude. For a job, I now want to go for being a gas engineer or a car mechanic.”

– Mohsin Jalil, Year 11, Moor Park Secondary School, Preston, Lancashire
SUMO 4 Schools (11-18)
Ref: 441-10702-38
£395.00 + VAT
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A Huge Range of Positive Behaviour Resources in one Handy Bag!

Positive Behaviour Kit in a Bag


Ref: 460-50187-41 JUST £64.95 + VAT TO ORDER CLICK HERE

A range of practical resources to support behaviour in the class and playground. These are easy to use and provide visual tools for children who are visual learners. Most children are  visual learners and this kit supports their understanding through the use of Widgit symbols. The kit is also excellent for working with children who have English as a second language.

The pack includes:

  • 1 x Fabric Drawstring Storage Bag
  • 1 x Let’s Make More Smiles book
  • 1 x Set of 120 Positive Behaviour Reward Stickers
  • 6 x Blank Fans
  • 1 x Swing O Meter
  • 1 x Show Me Feelings Card Pack
  • 1 x How do you feel today? Communication lanyard
  • 8 x Communication Fans

A play and learn activity set to help 2-4 year olds learn about feelings…

The Hopla Box focuses on the four basic feelings of:
through four endearing animal characters: Hopla the rabbit, Lola the cat, Onki the pig and Nina the bear.
A thorough exploration of these four basic feelings can prepare children for the later experience of more complex feelings and situations. The Hopla Box allows young children to learn all about feelings through hands-on practice and play.
The box contains:

• 16 situational pictures (15 x 15cm), for each basic feeling of happy, sad, angry and afraid
• 12 hardback 4pp storybooks (15 x 15cm) – three for each feeling
• 4 small boxes (16 x 16 x 8cm) for each Hopla character/feeling
• 4 pictures of the Hopla characters (Hopla is 19 x 39cm, Nina, Onki and Lola are 19 x 30cm)
• 16 double-sided cardboard characters (4 x 10cm) with plastic feet for standing upright
• 4 masks showing happy, sad, angry and frightened faces that can be worn by the children
• A wheel of feelings (20 x 20cm)
• 40 dominoes
• Bingo game
• Sturdy storage box with carry handle.

Designed by The Centre for Experiential Education & Bert Smets Productions.
Age: 2-4

Ref: 77-9236-24 £125 + VAT
For more information, click here